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Essential Delivery Service

Quicksilver Express has been identified as an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given the ‘essential services’ nature of trucking within the current Covid-19 pandemic, our front line people including drivers are doing their best to maintain normal operations. Quicksilver Express Inc. has taken a number of steps to protect our employees, as well as those of our customers within whom we come into contact with.

Quicksilver “Work@Home”
Quicksilver’s CSR, Operations, Dispatch & Finance teams have been successfully transitioned to “Work@Home”. Our technology granted us the freedom to seamlessly migrate of our staff to the safest place, their homes. We continue to operate our facilities with increased diligence and access protocols to ensure any employees remaining in our sites are protected and safe.

Quicksilver No Visitor Policy
We have instituted a NO VISITOR policy at all our locations. This policy will remain in effect until the crisis is deemed over by the respective governments. Protecting both our clients and employees.

Quicksilver’s Drivers
Our front line drivers are doing their best to maintain normal operations, all drivers have been given extra supplies to constantly keep their work space as sanitary as possible and safe while respecting our clients own Covid 19 policy’s.
As a result of Covid-19, many businesses are closing or reducing operating hours making delivery of your freight difficult if not impossible.
For that reason we are asking shippers to confirm that a receiver will be available prior to giving your shipment. (Noting new consignee operating hours on the Bill of Lading is helpful.)

With limited available space in our terminal facilities, we will have no choice but to return undeliverable shipments to the shipper, or we will have to charge daily storage for the freight, either of which will be at the expense of the bill-to party on the shipment.

Some other recent initiatives that you may already be aware of, are:
We are no longer are requiring the receiver’s signature on our handheld devices
We implemented a NO SHARING of technology hardware, and other shared equipment

We are doing everything possible to keep our network in Canada running normally and efficiently as possible during this time. Your assistance and understanding is truly appreciated. Additionally, to extend a safety zone for both driver and shipper/receiver we are recommending that the shipper or receiver load or offload their freight.

Should you have any further questions, we would encourage you to contact our any member of our team for clarification.


Gary Dore 

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