Telecom F.A.Q.

As an experienced telecommunications service provider. What does Quicksilver Express do for you....

1. What does Quicksilver Express do? 
  • Quicksilver Express is a FULL service 24/7/365 courier, transport and logistics provider.
  • Quicksilver Express owns & operates its own asset based equipment. Cars, Vans, Cube Trucks, 53ft Trailers, specialized equipment, such as flat beds, 4x4 pickup trucks, Quads, and Ski Doo’s.
2. What can Quicksilver Express deliver for us? 

Quicksilver Express delivers all orders, from breakers, to batteries and racks, envelopes, boxes, skids, loose material, skidded non-skidded freight.

3. How do REGULAR orders get delivered? 

Orders are typically placed internally via your warehouse or fulfillment online, or by phone or by email to  Quicksilver.

This advance "heads up" via email to Quicksilver usually contains site location, S.O. & Network numbers and any special instructions to assist Quicksilver Express in determining the proper equipment required for delivery ensuring a quick and uneventful delivery.

*Please note that next day delivery orders typically placed internally to your warehouse or fulfillment center  prior to 14h00's will be picked up at the end of the day and generally delivered by noon the following business day.
It is important to note that Quicksilver Express will only be able to pick up orders that are ready to ship.

4. What information is on each order? 

QA_4_waybill_250px.jpgQuicksilver Express has implement and installed a (QSS) shipping system that prints out 4x6 thermal label(s) with all required info. Such as….

  • DATE
  • PQ or ON #’S
5. How do RUSH or SPECIAL orders get placed? 

Rush orders are placed exactly the same way however, followed up with a courtesy phone call to Quicksilver Express…. To ensure it was received seen. (Sometimes emails get missed!)

6. How do I get confirmation that the order is delivered? 

If you have provided your email address when ordering then you will receive a LIVE POD, ( Proof of Delivery ) via email the moment it’s delivered to either your contractor or site delivery, additionally Quicksilver can provide a WEB PORTAL to view all orders, Current, and Past.

QA_6_email_notification_250px.jpg QA_6_portal_1_250px.jpg QA_6_portal_2_250px.jpg

7. Does Quicksilver Express have access to sites? 

Quicksilver Express has all the necessary key’s and up to date site information for access to sites.


8. Can Quicksilver Express deliver to a roof top? 

Yes! Quicksilver Express does deliver to roof tops


9. Does Quicksilver Express have multi-man teams? 

Yes! Quicksilver Express has multi-man team and proper equipment used to facilitate difficult sites access.


10. Does Quickslver Express have off road equipement? 

Yes! Quicksilver Express has off road summer and winter equipment 4x4 pick-up trucks, and ATV and Ski-doo’s.

11. When delivering to unmanned sites what is our proof of delivery? 

Quicksilver’s (SOP) calls for all drivers to take pictures of the exterior and a picture of the delivered product in the location when delivering to unmanned sites.


12. Does Quicksilver Express have all necessary safety equipement? 

a. All! Quicksilver Express employees as per our SOP and CSST guidelines are always wearing safety boots or shoes, additionally all vehicles are equipped with High VIZ vest, hard hat and safety glasses, should it be required or requested.

b. Quicksilver’s CSST # 87617990

13. Can Quicksilver Express deliver to ON sites? 

a. Yes! Quicksilver Express has all the necessary Provincial & Federal permits required for transporting goods across provincial borders.

b. ONTARIO PERMIT # CVOR 151-077-203 c. QUEBEC NIR # 594378-3


14. Can Quicksilver Express pick up RMA's? 

Yes! simply go through your internal RMA procedures then email Quicksilver Express and book a call.

15. Can Quicksilver Express pick up old inventory and recycle? 

Yes! Simply contact your internal resource, Quicksilver Express will then work with your team member, then coordinate with the contractor and make all necessary appointments for pick up and schedule the delivery with GEEP or other authorized recycler safe disposal.

16. Can Quicksilver Express pick up non boxed or packaged freight? 

Yes! Quicksilver Express regularly pick’s up freight that is not packaged, delicate and fragile. When placing the order please note in the call that the freight is non packaged and “WHITE GLOVE” or special care service will be required.


17. Since batteries are considered Dangerous Good under "Transport Canada Guideliness" is Quicksilver Express certified to transport? 

a. Yes! Batteries are considered Dangerous Goods,

b. All! Quicksilver Express drivers and warehouse staff have past Transport Canada Mandatory certification.

c. All! Drivers carry TDG (Transport of Dangerous Goods) certificates and are available on request if stopped by Minister de Transport Police.


18. if we use an uncertified carrier or other other method to transport Dangerous Goods, is the telecommunications company responsible? 

Yes! Severe penalties can be applied against the shipper.

Miscellaneous site deliveries

PQ 2429
PQ 2429
Typical Shelter Delivery
Typical Shelter Delivery
Phone Booth
Phone Booth
PQ 2996 On site
PQ 2996 On site
PQ 2709 Under Construction
PQ 2709 Under Construction
Full Rack 400 kg
Full Rack 400 kg
PQ 2996 Access Road
PQ 2996 Access Road
PQ 2330 Roof top
PQ 2330 Roof top
Cable Roll
Cable Roll
PQ 0227
PQ 0227
On 3994 Meet with crane
On 3994 Meet with crane
Batiment BUT
Batiment BUT